Eco-friendly products and one of a kind gifts

Hello and welcome to Waste Not and Be Mindful. We're two sisters from the North East of England creating reusable products, one of a kind gifts and mindful craft sets which are kind to the beautiful environment we live in. 

Single use products, particularly those made from plastics, are filling up our landfill sites which are spilling out into our beaches and countryside.

In the UK we use around 11 billion single use wet wipes each year, and approximately 227,000 miles of wrapping paper. Most of that ends up in landfill or in our drains. 

Simple changes like using reusable wipes, can make a huge difference to the volume of waste we create. Even using them one day a week instead of single use ones, has a massive impact.

Our reusable wipes come in kitchen roll, wipe and make-up removal sizes. They're made from 100% cotton bamboo towelling backed with patterned fabric. They're kind to your skin and to the environment. 

Our reusable fabric wrapping sheets, bags and gift tags are all made from fabric pieces that are either end of line, or off-cuts that would otherwise be thrown out. So they're all unique and one of a kind.

We've also created craft kits that help you to relax and find some space in your mind.

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Katy and Suzy

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